Becoming a photographer was never something I saw myself doing. To be honest, I did not understand it growing up. In 2016 while on holiday in the Kruger National Park, however, I picked up a camera and an obsession was born. Since 2016 I have been learning and improving my skills; constantly trying to take my photography to the next level.

I prefer photographing wildlife, insects and landscapes to anything else. When it comes to wildlife my aim is to try and capture the animal’s personality. With macro photographs, I am also fascinated by the details that you cannot see with the naked eye and I try to showcase this in my photographs. Lastly, when it comes to landscapes, I capture the photos when I am in a location and I think to myself: Wow, this is a pretty location, I need to get a photo of this.

At the core, I believe as little as possible post-production needs to be applied to any photograph, as that is what I believe the art form is – not how good you are with Photoshop. However, when it comes to my photos, I look at each photo individually and think to myself: “How can I make this photo look better?” Sometimes the photo is fantastic as is; other times I go with a different approach and create something completely different looking from the original photo.


Shortlist In the Wild Quest 2020
Contest Finalist in Macro Monsters 2020

Wildlife Photo of the Day 21 December 2017
Wildlife Photo of the Day 06 October 2017